Various Pink Flamingo performances on YouTube.

Congrats to the 2016 winners San Francisco Tsunami!  Huge shout out to Sydney Stingers, Seattle Orca, and Edmonton Making Waves for fabulous performances!

Watch them here!

The 2016 Pink Flamingo Follies is about having fun.  The Pink Flamingo made its debut in IGLA at the 1989 IGLA championships in Vancouver, BC.

The Pink Flamingo came out of the closet and revealed itself as a full blown queer extravaganza. The best way to describe it now is a drag/aqua follies/synchro show in water. It has to be seen to be believed!  The name “Pink Flamingo” is registered with the USPTO as a service mark belonging to IGLA and its member teams.

While a show it may be, the competition is fierce!  The Pink Flamingo Follies will start at approximately 4:00 pm at the Kinsmen Sports Center Pool.

From 1:00pm until approximately 4:00 pm, there will be an aquatics festival where you can relax after a hard swim and grab a quick beverage between watching the water polo championships, diving exhibitions and synchro competitions.

Making Waves is charging a C$5 fee to spectators to watch the Pink Flamingo as a charitable donation.  There is no charge to registered participants in aquatics (swimming, water polo, diving, open water swimming and synchronized swimming).  IGLA participants will receive first priority to seating over paying spectators.

All ages.


The theme this year is Burlesque Eh! Recognizing Edmonton's thriving and entertaining burlesque scene.

The maximum time allowed for skits is 6 minutes.

The pool has restrictions on nudity; swimming with glitter/feathers is prohibited, and costumes must be pre-washed and rinsed prior to entering the pool.

Teams will be scored on originality, presentation, artistry, camp, choreography, costumes, and audience appreciation.


For more information, contact

Pink Flamingo