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January 8, 2016

​TIDAL Wave circle Sponsors (>$10,000)

​GOLD MEDAL circle Sponsors (>$1,000)

​BREAKING Wave circle Sponsors (>$5,000)

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Key information about swimming, diving, water polo, synchro, open water, and of course, the Pink Flamingo!

Edmonton loves sports and culture. This city has a long history of hosting major events. Not only do Edmontonians come out by the thousands as spectators, they are passionate and experienced volunteers who will help you experience something unforgettable. Check out the community support we have received!


edmonton Welcomes the World

We have a whole week of IGLA 2016 swimming events for you to experience! Check out what we have planned!


​SILVER MEDAL circle Sponsors (>$750)

​BRONZE MEDAL circle Sponsors (>$500)