Our mission is to promote participation in aquatic sports among lesbians and gay men and friends of our community, and to ensure maintenance of the highest standards for aquatic competitions and international standards for all Gay Games and IGLA Championships.


Edmonton loves sport and culture.  This city has a long history of hosting major events.  And not only do Edmontonians come out by the thousands as spectators, they are passionate and experienced volunteers who will help you experience something unforgettable.

Edmonton is a vibrant urban centre in the heart of wilderness - the largest northernmost metropolis in fact.  Despite our big city feel, there's a uniqueness to how we do things.  Edmonton is a city that is authentic, rugged and original.  It's an attitude that you'll only appreciate once you've visited Edmonton.


Making Waves Swim Club is proud to host the world in 2016!  Making Waves is Edmonton's masters swim club and water polo team for the gay and lesbian community and their friends.  Since 1999, they have fostered participation in aquatic sports in a gay-positive environment that is supportive of all athletes.

Making Waves encourages participation regardless of ability, from those who are just starting to fierce competitors.  They promote the Master's Swimming Canada values of "fun and friendship, health and wellness, and participation and achievement".

We truly have the support of our community!  Thank you!

about IGLA

IGLA is the world's foremost international organization solely devoted to developing and promoting gay and lesbian swimming, water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming.